Sow no 119
Startside Opp

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Partly restored, but with radios etc, nearly 100% complete, Registrated, Runs runs very nice.

I have put out a lot of pictures (188) in my homepage look at: TP21-119 Photos

For video look at: Tp21-119

This is No 119 of 720 made from 1953 to 1958. The car is from 1954.
The car is complete for running. Nearly all parts to make it 100% complete is following with the car.
It is some restored, One radio. Some rust, Registrated. Runs extremely nice.

There are orginal books part 1,2, RA120 an a copy of the spare part catalogue.

Some new parts.


Known faults


The air blower is not working. (Have not checked why, think is only the switch.)
Think is is a small problem to fix, I have a new switch that will follow with the car.


There are some windows that needs to be change, since the car has been sand blastered on
 the windows. (The windows  needed will follow with the car.)


Rear windows lifting system needs to be fixed.


Right window on the right side is missin one part (Same as on the PV, easy to get.)


Rust on the floor, an a hole in one fender.


Rear brakes is not restord on the rear axel, only on the front axel.


There are a small sound when the clucth in pushed in. Think it is a bearing thats maybe
needs to be changed.


I can also sell extra radios RA120, RA121, MT920 or RA42, or spare parts.

The car is about 50. km from Oslo.

Best regards

Morten Synstelien
Baskerudveien 18
N-3531 Krokkleiva
Mobil +47 915 59 511 between 16.00 and 21.00 CET