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Postby meanbob » 08 Aug 2013, 15:16

I just missed a Sugga that was for sale in Arizona. A friend of the owner told me about it and it was priced reasonably $9500.00 U.S. I called and I was told that the vehicle wasn't for sale after all, the owner decided to give it to a relative.
I knew it was too easy.
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Re: Aaarggh

Postby Glynn » 08 Aug 2013, 18:47

There seem to be one or 2 or 3 in europe at the minute. Keep calm you will find one
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Re: Aaarggh

Postby Jonas » 10 Sep 2013, 18:15

Maybe if you get the telephone number to the relative who was the lucky receiver, and give him a call in about half a year.
At that time he may have discovered that it isn't just a walk in the park to restore a car, and he would be more than happy to trade it for some cash.
Just around the end of January is usually a good time, everyone seems to be short of money at that time.

Good luck.
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