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Postby Beau » 24 Jan 2011, 23:12

I have noticed a few misstakes on this page. First on the fuselabel. Helljus höger is translated to Main front light left. Should of course be right. Likewise helljus vänster is incorrecrly translated to Main front light right.

Further down there is an article about how to shift gears. It says when shifting down:
"Pull in the clutch.
Put the gear in neutral.
Give full throttle 3000 rpm.
Pull out the clutch. Pull in the clutch.
Put in the 3:rd gear.
Pull out the clutch.

That gives me the impression that I should give give full throttle with the clutchpedal pressed down.
I think it is wrong.
It should be:
Press down the clutchpedal
Shift to neutral
Release the clutch and give gas
Press down the clutchpedal
Release the clutch.
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